School Tours

We operate school tours during term times, we also have an arts workshop, maritime museum and information centre on sustainability and recycling.

School Tours can include a tour of the Lighthouse, Art and a talk with our Eco Sheriff.

There is ample grounds to play, including a pirate ship. Games and treasure hunts can be organised upon request.

School tours can be booked through the office on 051397055. There is maximum of 30 spaces per tour and we request that there are two leaders at all times with each tour booked in.


Schools Policy 2024

Thank you for choosing us and we hope that you enjoy your visit to Hook Lighthouse Visitor Centre.

To help maintain and manage safety and for the safety of your students, below are our guidelines which your leaders will need to be aware of before the visit and which will need to be adhered to during your visit with us.

  1. Your School/College should know that we do not have control outside the walls of the Lighthouse.
  2. Upon arrival at our centre you should at all times have supervision on your students.
  3. Whilst taking part in our guided tour, we ask that there be at least 1 teacher for every 10 children in attendance.
  4. One leader should lead the group and another stay at the rear of the group
  5. Our Tour guides are trained and competent and will issue safety advice at the start of the tour this includes;
    • All back packs / bags are to be left at reception or on the bus.
    • That it is a walking tour (Please ensure your students do not run whilst on tour)
    • Be mindful of the low ceilings and doorways throughout the tower.
    • That the handrails on the stairs are to be used at all times.
    • Be aware that at times there are other people on tour, mobile phones to be kept on silent.
    • Food and drink is not allowed in the Watchtower or Lighthouse.
    • At no time are students to throw items from the top of the Tower.

We have put these guidelines in place to ensure your safety, that of your students and also our staff members we ask that you adhere to them. It will ensure that you have a safe and fun visit.

Failure to adhere to our guidelines and safety advice could result in your tour being cancelled as your safety is our priority.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 051 397055 or email